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Goriyan Naal Gerhe song Lyrics & 720p HD Video By Gurnam Bhullar

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Hello friends Today our team going to provide Goriyan Naal Gerhe song Lyrics and & 720p HD Video then see the video and enjoy it. See The Full Post For more information.

Goriyan Naal Gerhe Lyrics

Goriyan Naal Gerhe Lyrics : Goriyan Naal Gerhe Is a Latest Punjabi Party dance song sung by Gurnam Bhullar. The Song Written by Gill Raunta and Mix Singh is the music composer of this song and Story, screen play and Directed by Gary Deol. Video edited by Vinod and Mastering by B Sanj. Jass records and Jasvirpal Singh Presents this song video. This song release under the project of Jasvirpal Singh and movie produced by Jagjitpal Singh. So enjoy this song and share with our friends.

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Goriyan Naal Gerhe 720p HD Video | Gurnam Bhullar

Song Detail

  • Song Name : Goriyan Naal Gerhe 
  • Singer Name : Gurnam Bhullar 
  • Directed By : Gary Deol
  • Edited By : Vinod
  • Project By :  Jasvirpal Singh
  • Lyrics By : Gill Raunta
  • Music By : Mix Singh

Goriyan Naal Gerhe Song Lyrics

Kathe karke main yaar beli saare ni
Raat bhulle tere mittran ne laare ni {x2}

Fer gata-gat karke andar main sit layi
Ni do-do kathe peg jodke

Kal ditte main club vich
Goriyan naal Gede teri saun todke {x2}

Ainven chakdi najaij ni tu faida balliye
Doori yaaran kolo pe gayi laida balliye {x2}

Pher sutte tere baithak cho baahar ni
Main teddy tudi je marod ke

Kal ditte main club vich
Goriyan nal gede teri saun todke {x2}

Tu ta dobne di layi sigi vaah ni
Hun sukh na karange poore chah nai {x2}

Oh gaddi lammeya routean te chadi jatt ne
Ni holi-holi rod rod ke

Kal ditte main club vich
Goriyan naal Gede teri saun todke {x2}

Kithe shadna ae takht hazaara Gill ne
Keda tere bina rehna ae kuwara Gill ne {x2}

‘Gill Raunte’ wala luttda nazare
Ni tere kolo mukh modke

Kal ditte main club vich
Goriyan naal gede teri saun todke

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