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Kaabil 1st,4th,5th,6th Day Kamai, Profit, Income, Gain In India

Kaabil 1st,4th,5th,6th Day Kamai, Profit, Income, Gain In India
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Now check the Income of Kaabil 5th Day Kamai, Total Profit, Gain In India / Worldwide. Read the full post for more information and don’t forget to send us your views about the movie. Also Rate this movie out of 5 stars through the rating pole.

Hey Friends! today we are going to provide you Kaabil fourth, fifth, sixth day profit, Kamai, Income In India.

Kaabil First, Fourth, Fifth Day Profit, Kamai, Income, Gain In India

5th Day Profit Kaabil Information | Details

Kaabil is an upcoming Hindi Action Thriller drama fiction bollywood film of Hritik Roshan. The movie is going to release on 25th of January 2017. The movie is directed by the director Sanjay Gupta and produced by father of Hritik Rakesh Roshan. Story is written by Vijay Kumar Mishra. The film is going to release under the banner of Filmcraft Productions. Hritik Roshan is in Lead role with Yami Gautam. They both fell in Love with each other and later the conditions changed and Hritik had to find Yami. Story is usual but it sounds interesting that both of them (Yami and Hritik) are blind in this movie. There is a beautiful message given in the movie that love can see averything even without eves. In this movie Hritik Plays the character of Rohan Bhatnagar and Yami Plays the character of Supriya Bhatangar. All Hritik Roshan Fans are crazy for this film. The budget of this film is around 35 crores or 350 Millions.

Kaabil Profit | Kamai | Collection Till Now | Till Date

70.09 crores INR

700.90 Million INR

Profit of Kaabil Kamai Report | Gain In India

 Sr. No.  Day  Income
 1  Kaabil 1st Day Profit (Wednesday)  10.43 crores INR
 2  Kaabil 2nd Day Kamai (Thursday)  18.67 crores INR
 3  Kaabil Profit (Friday)  9.45 crores INR
 4  Kaabil income in India (Saturday)  16.5 crores
 5  Kaabil 5th Day Collection (Sunday)  15.04 crores
 6  Kaabil 6th Day Kamai (Monday)  13.25 crores {Expected}
 7  Total Overall Kamai of Kaabil  79 crores {Expected}

Kamai Of Kaabil Profit | Collection World Wide

 Sr. No.  Day  Income
 1  Kaabil Kamai,Profit(Wednesday)  10.43 crores INR
 2  Kaabil Collection, Earning(Thursday)  18.67 crores INR
 3  Kaabil 3rd Day Profit(Friday)  9.45 crores INR
 4  Kaabil 4th Day Collection(Saturday)  16.5 crores
 5  Kaabil 5th Day Kamai (Sunday)  15.04 crores
 6  Kaabil 6th Day Profit (Monday)  13.25 crores {Expected}
 7  Total Overall Kamai of Kaabil  79 crores {Expected}

Kaabil Star Cast and Crew With Their Characters

 Sr. No.  Actors and Actresses  Characters Played
 1  Hritik Roshan in Kaabil  Rohan Bhatnagar
 2  Yami Gautam In Kaabil  Supriya Bhatnagar
 3  Ronit Roy in Kaabil  N/A
 4  Rohit Roy in Kaabil  Amit
 5  Narendra Jha in Kaabil  N/A

Ronit Roy plays a Negitive role in this movie Kaabil. Ronit Roy’s Brother Rohit Roy is also in this movie who is playing the character of Amit.

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Kamai of Kaabil 6th Day Profit collection, Income, Gain In India

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